Working towards a more equitable society through gender advocacy, strategic economic empowerment and support for Survivors of Gender-Based Violence.

Our Programs

Young Entrepreneur Society

Developing strong, confident young women through Skills & Scholarship, the Young Entrepreneur Society gives high school aged girls the opportunity to finish their education. Developed by Sparrow Society, the YES Girl Project is an after-school program that offers a job-skills based curriculum coupled with a simple jewelry micro-business to teach valuable business skills that the girls can take with them into any industry. Taking child sponsorship to a whole new (SUSTAINABLE AND EMPOWERING) level, the profits through the sale of each girl’s product will go towards her scholarship fund to enable her to continue her education.

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Sparrow Society Intl is a 501c3 registered charity

Donations are tax deductible.

We partner with individuals, corporates, and other non-profits to create sustainable programs with long-term impact. 

Our USA team focuses on worldwide Period Poverty advocacy and response as well as the wider issues around gender inequity.

Our Economic Empowerment and Survivor Support programs are based in Cape Town, South Africa, but also service a global client base thanks to some really amazing brand partners.
For South African tax-deductible donations, please visit our SA site at

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